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Welcome to my blog.

I’m Omar, perhaps the first podcaster in El Salvador, and surely one of the first bloggers here as well. I have a pretty humble, but steady readership from a whole bunch of interesting places all over the world. It’s pretty ironic that I have very few readers in El Salvador, but I guess the fact that I blog in English doesn’t help my local statistics.

I’m currently recording 4 different podcasts a week. Here are the links to their own homes on the internet: Beware, all of them are in Spanish 😉

  1. Comic Geekos – Comics, anime, video games, and more.
  2. La Charamusca – The happiest podcast in El Salvador (Interviews and travel)
  3. Latin Tech Talk – Tech news and how they affect Latin American businesses.
  4. Pinguinux Music Podcast – IMHO, the best independent music on the net.

I also have a Second Life character roaming around the virtual world pretty much every night from 9:00pm till nidnight, if you catch up with me at my island home in Second Life, be sure to mention my blog… The character’s name? Well, it just wouldn’t be as much fun finding me if I told you, right?

4 thoughts on “About Omar”

  1. Hi, when I had 2.6.31-14, your suggestions worked, then when I update to 2.6.31-17, its not longer working. I have (hd0,5), which will be sda5. I used everything that you suggested and it’s not working. I will appreciate your help. Please send me e-mail.

    / Al
    Dallas, TX

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  3. Hi Omar,
    this is your cousin Roberto in San Francisco. I posted a couple of pictures of you and Rachel from the early 80’s in FaceBook.
    I’ve seen your posting on YouTube in the past. I’ve never done much until now with FB. Look me up.
    Say hi to your mom and dad and brothers.

  4. Hola Omar!

    Lo saluda Ana, del programa RASTA FM de Femenina, para ver si armamos algo en conjunto para lanzar su marca Converse. Actualmente tenemos un buen rating los domingos por la noche de público surfer, skater, rasta y demás, de todas las edades y sobre todo buena presencia en redes sociales.

    Quedo a la orden,


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