My podcasts

What the hell is a podcast, and how does one feed it? If you are asking yourselves these questions… then Get the F… out of my web page you n00b!!

(Just kidding)

A podcast is an amazing thing, it will get you laid, it will do your taxes, and it will keep your kids quiet in the car. If you believe that, have I got a business deal for you!

But seriously, a podcast is nothing more than a Internet-based radio show. You subscribe to it using iTunes or a whole bunch of other programs, and whenever a new episode comes out, the program will download the episode for you and put it in your iPod or any other MP3 player. I’ve been recording these shows since 2005 and here are the places where you can subscribe to them:

Have fun, and don’t listen to too many of these in one sitting… it could seriously affect your IQ.

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