Living with a Mac

Well… what can I say… I don’t really feel any more artistic now that I’ve been using a MacBook for over a month.

But seriously, I love that it’s a no hassle machine (so far). I like that it boots up and shuts down quickly. I like the very solid construction and quality feel of the hardware. I am really enjoying figuring out all the little design conventions that Mac users have known for so long. Not everything is perfect though…

I really hate that for some reason end END and HOME keys work completely different than the rest of the computerized world. I hate that the friggin CTRL key and the COMMAND key are screwed up. I hate that everywhere else CTRL-F is fullscreen, but in Mac Land it’s CTRL-SHIFT-F… it feels like they went out of their way to complicate things, for what?

I’m still getting used to it… and learning new things about the Mac Os… but it’s been a fun ride… now I just have to figure out a way to make Ubuntu run natively on the machine, and I’ll be very happy!



2 thoughts on “Living with a Mac”

  1. I’ve been in the same journey you are since a year ago, I’m no mac or linux over, but a windows conformer.

    My mac a Year ago started fast a no other of my previous computers, but now, with steam and starcraft II installed, takes as long as any Windows Computer.

    I stay on mac for the sake of having all 3 mayor OS in one computer as I’m a developer and I don’t want to be out of any posibilities, but liked mac os on these way, feel free to ask any doubt and we’ll solve it togeter.

    Sorry for my terrible english since I’m just a comic geekos fan @seekerofpower, le puedo hablar en español, pero su blog se ve tan bonito en inglés que no quise hecharlo a perder haha

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