Extend your iPhone 3G Battery!

The iPhone 3G is an amazing device. It’s definitely a new communications, computing, and gaming platform.. but it sucks battery like no other device I’ve seen! I have a car charger and two wall chargers (one at home) and another that I carry with me in my laptop bag.. and ever since I’ve bought the phone I’ve neede to charge it at least twice a day (I use the iPhone a lot).

This does create somewhat of a problem for me, because I know that the most rechargeable batteries have a finite number of charges before they degrade into uselessness. And I think the amount of charging and discharging that I put my phone through every day must be rapidly destroying it! So, how do I make each charge last more? 

Quite ironically, if you disable the 3G radio (easy to do in phone settings) the phone will automatically revert to EDGE for it’s communications… and this will dramatically extend the time between charges. For an added kick, disable WiFi, and disable Bluetooth as well, and you will get a lot more juice per charge from your phone, and hopefully extend the life from your battery as well.

After doing this, my phone now lasts an entire day of normal (phone) usage with limited e-mail checking and twitter usage (using the EDGE network).. a little slower than 3G, but the not terribly much! And if I ever need to download something important, or do some serious browsing, I’ll enable 3G or WiFi (which is only a visit to the settings page away), do my work, and disable after I’m done. It would be nice if an app came along that let me easily toggle 3G right from the home menu. But for now, I’m not annoyed by having to visit the settings every once in a while. At least I can use my Phone all day without worrying about where I’ll have to charge next.

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