My daughter made it for me

My daughter made it for me, originally uploaded by oegan72.

I’d often seen strange pencil holders, clay blobs, and a bunch of other silly crafts from people’s kids on their desks. And most of the time I always dismissed it as a parental obligation to display those things on your desk.

It’s funny how your world and your perception of it changes when you’re a father. I now applaud all proud fathers who display their children’s works of art… And have even started to appreciate the subtle differences in kid’s styles. The world is a wondrous place.

Mató tunco tu tata?

There comes a time in every father’s life when he must pass on his culture, his heritage and that of his people… there is no other phrase that embodies the idiosyncrasy of a Salvadorian than this one… and it is my patriotic duty to pass it on to the next generation:

Daniela at the Mall

I took this with my cellphone this weekend. Daniela is growing up way too fast… every day I’m amazed at how much I love her and even though I am so proud of everything she does, I can’t help but feel a little bit sad to know that she is so big now… at this pace, she’ll be all grown up and all I’ll have are these memories.

Daniela Dancing in her room

A YouTube’d video of Daniela dancing in her bedroom. I’ve already posted this video to the PVL, in an iPod version, but I wanted to share this with you in streaming mode. I shot this using my cellphone and edited it with VirtualDub to get the aspect ratio correct for YouTube… hence the black bars on the sides of the video. Enjoy!