Second Life inspired?

I’ve been living, building, and working in Second Life since for over three years now, often I’ve been asked what is so appealing about a “game” where there’s no apparent plot or point to. This movie kind of sums it up for me… the power of creating is what is so appealing to me. The fact that very creative people spend a lot of time there just making things that are awesome and cool.

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.

I wonder if whomever made this video has had any experience in Second Life, because for an SL citizen, it sure feels very natural to watch something like that on screen. (even the prim creation part is dead on)!

Thru You – testament to power of creative commons

This site is a true testament to the power of Creative Commons. Kutiman has created a masterpiece of musical delight with clips that he mashed together from YouTube Videos. It’s the ultimate Creative Commons masterpiece. On his site he has posted 8 tracks all mashed up from unrelated videos he found on Youtube… a task that took him 3 months to complete, adn all area available for your listening and viewing pleasure. Here’s one of my favorites, but all are incredible, make sure you check them all out:

I love this ad.

I’m a PC, and I love this ad! Way to go MS… It’s a great ad. This is the 1st time that I’ve heard Mac guys (I’m talking to you Leo Laporte) say, “wait a minute, we’re a PC too!”. What fascinates me about this the most is that the Mac faithful STARTED the stereotype, and now that MS has turned it around they feel left out. You know what… I’m a PC and I run Ubuntu.